Ofttimes you would find out that organizations stress the importance of good communication system. It is a fact that organizations with proper communication management do better in the market than those who give less preference to communication management. Once an organization follows this procedure, is always one step closer to achieving overall business objective than others as plans are always systematic and keep everyone updated on what’s new happening in an organization. A good communication between divisions or departments and employers is a lifeline for every organization. Skolaro school mobile app makes the interconnection more effective through its communicative system. It integrates personalized SMS functionality, using new SMS gateway to our products with Event Calendar, School Calendar, Notices, Regular Alerts & Notifications and Mobile Apps – iOS and Android for parents, teachers, and management.

Mobile App for School

Communication management includes systemic planning, implementing and monitoring of all related individuals within an organization, between organizations and outside organization. The main aim is to manage the flow of information through an online communication channel.

By using communication system you can send report cards directly to students and parents online through email and alerts to students and parents about upcoming events and schedules through SMS, email, and notifications. Notifications and mass emails can be sent to all students and parents or selected group of students and parents related to school regarding various purposes. Nowadays, almost everything that is deemed important is accompanied with an app for smartphones. There is nothing more important to a parent than their ward’s education. Communication System brings every stakeholder and other related people on the same page. With a sophisticated communication system running on a secure network allows you to access all related updates or notifications using a single interface and allows the workforce to collaborate in real time. Mobile technology is a splendid way to make the relationship between parents and schools more purposeful. It links schools and parents on an instant level and this communication is very effective for students in the long run.

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You can communicate with stakeholders on daily basis with the intention to inform them about relevant information through notifications. It is equivalent to the notice board of a school, the only difference is that it is an online method and information will be shared within the blink of an eye. You can send general notifications which will be sent to whole staff and parents or only to particular group/groups. Communication System helps to track students performance and is treasured by parents who are deeply involved in their children’s education. Exchanging messages to mobiles between school and parents is to ensure parents are updated with basic information of school like holiday reminders, day offs and other school policies. Parents are too involved in their busy schedules that often they find it difficult to speak to teachers directly. Through online communication both parties can discuss a student’s performance, activities in school, etc as text message notifications are easy to access if internet connection is available. Daily updates increase the involvement of parents in the school and provide communication between schools and parents and make each interaction delightful, easy and more meaningful. Now when communication has entirely transformed, it acts as a building block for an organization for acquiring higher productivity.

Mobile apps for school by Skolaro gives parents access to the ‘Parent Portal’ from where they can manage their ward’s education from a Smartphone.

  • Student information
  • Attendance
  • Leave request
  • Report cards
  • Fee structure
  • Fee receipts
  • Online fee payment option
  • Circulars
  • Events
  • Communication
  • Alerts and messages