Alexa, Siri, smart phones have taken over our lives! We are not complaining. In fact, we are thankful that in today’s hustle and bustle of daily life these gadgets are the best personal assistants ever. One that is available anytime and anywhere….24×7. I am not getting into all the aspects of the smartphones but just one. These days everyone is using their mobile phones extensively and then they tend to spend most of their waking hours before it, then why should education system too not remain untouched from it?

We, at Skolaro, believe that parents contribute to a great extent in the growth of the child. Our School Management Applications are available for download with updated versions on iOS and Android stores for parent portal access, to keep pace with the child’s progress in class and to keep you updated with their attendance, circulars, assignments, assessments, fees etc. 

Skolaro has the most advanced cloud and hybrid model of school ERP with state-of-the-art-technology. A paperless comprehensive education software for automated and integrated solution resulting in a smooth and seamless functioning of any school/institution. 

A sneak peak into some of the Mobile App features for parents –

Online Payment Gateway

One can’t even imagine how our parents stood in long queues in banks and schools to pay our fees. The rat race of life does not permit us this liberty. The mobile app feature of Skolaro provides a safe gateway for online fee payment with automatic receipt generation. 

Report Card

Fortunately or unfortunately, children these days will never have the luxury of ushering the report cards to be signed just when the school bus is honking outside!!

Better Communication

Communication gap between teachers, parents and students is a matter of great concern. 

Messages- Skolaro’s ‘Messages’ feature allows parents to see all the text messages sent directly one-to-one from the school/ teacher and can also downloaded attachments, if any.

Newsletters/Circulars-  With direct access to important information from the school there is no chance of any miscommunication. What’s more, you also contribute towards environment conservation.

Assignments/Homework- This feature takes over the physical task of checking notebooks and diaries!!

School Activities 

All scheduled events and relevant details of same for your child can be seen in our ‘Calendar’ feature, datewise. 


Monitoring the child’s attendance was never so painless.


Live tracking of the bus your child is travelling in along with SMS alerts if the same is getting delayed. 

In our next blog we shall apprise you of how beneficial is Skolaro’s mobile app specially developed for the faculty.