A school management system is one of the best developments happening into the education industry especially for schools, colleges and universities. Managing a school requires a lot of effort and it is difficult to manage it manually. As there are a lot of processes which need to be focused on and for school owners or principals sometimes it gets difficult to handle it.

This is where the need of a software system comes into picture. But a lot of schools complain about the ERP software they have been using as they don’t even fulfill the basic requirements to manage a school. This is why you should check for some specific features while choosing an ERP software for your school. 

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Must Have Features in a School ERP 


Should be User Friendly 

This is one of the most important features you should look for when onboarding an ERP software for your school as it should be easy for your teachers, students and staff. If the software is user friendly, the teachers can operate it in an efficient manner and take out maximum results from it. 

You should always look for a simple and easy to use software with dedicated customer support so that even in case when your teachers get stuck somewhere, they can easily seek help from the support team.


Should be Complete

Before finalizing an ERP software, you must decide your requirements first, whether you want it to manage your fee department, or just academics, or end to end management. There should be complete clarity in your mind as to what you’re expecting from the ERP software. An all-inclusive ERP system for an education system should be able to take charge of almost all of the functions of an institution. If an ERP is not able to fulfill the required promises and most of the functions have to be done manually, it’s surely a big ‘no-no’ for this kind of ERP in school.


Easy Fee Collection 

Fee collection and fee management is one of the crucial tasks for any school. As parents need to stand in long queues to submit the fees but with the help of an ERP software, this process becomes more simple for the administrator to manage the fee process. While choosing an ERP software, you must look for a fee management module and check if it is having enough functionalities to make your process easier. The module must support various methods of fee collection, including online and card payments. Also, the system must be capable of generating detailed fee reports that can be accessed anytime. 


Responsive Mobile App

Your school needs to have a mobile first approach to make it easy and convenient for all the stakeholders in doing communications as well as handling other activities. With the help of a mobile application it becomes easier for the students to access their course content and get in touch with the teachers, for parents to submit their child’s fees and check their academic performance, and for teachers to share updates with the parents via push notifications. Mobile applications should work seamlessly on all devices, giving users access to all of the features at their fingertips.  

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Reports & analytics plays a major role in taking a school to the next height and taking some crucial decisions for the betterment of the school. An ERP software should be capable enough to provide you reports on each & every aspect which means it should have the capability to make dynamic reports on the basis of which you can identify various trends and take the decisions accordingly. 


Skolaro provides cloud based ERP solutions for all types of schools (CBSE, ICSE, IB, State). With the changing technology, you should also change the functioning of your school and give your school an edge over others. An ERP software help the school in increasing the productivity as well as streamlining all the workflows.