Mobiles have now become an integral part of one’s life. Today’s high paced world resolved around communication and ease of workload. In our last blog ‘Connecting Teachers and Parents through a Mobile App’ we spoke about our Mobile Application features for parents use. Today we provide you a sneak peek into the mobile application features exclusively designed for the faculty of a school/institution.

Skolaro’s teacher portal software deals in providing premium quality cloud-based faculty information management system to all sorts of education institutions for flawless communication and collaboration between students, faculty, staff and parents on web as well as on mobile. We, at Skolaro, are committed to making life as painless as possible for teachers. 

  • Taking student attendance was never so effortless
  • Assign homework to students through our mobile application 
  • Our calendar feature enables you access information of the scheduled events
  • View your daily schedule through our timetable feature
  • Quick glance to updates posted in various groups and assignments submitted online by the students
  • The software promotes paperless administration at all levels
  • Since the routine and the mundane task of a faculty gets over in a jiffy and with better accuracy, their overall productivity gets a boost
  • Share/view information on a group anytime, anywhere…..24×7
  • Entire mailbox features for direct messages
  • Edit/update your profile from the ease of your phone
  • Stay informed with our ‘Bulletin’ feature
  • View progress graphs/charts on ‘Dashboard’
  • View and/or download uploaded documents