A school ERP software is designed to simplify the school’s day to day operations. It comes with a set of applications which helps in the end to end school management. This school software provided logins for teachers, parents, students, managers and principals of the school. 

In today’s era, it has become the necessity for the schools to implement a good school ERP system so as to provide quality education to their students. This is the reason why many schools have already implemented a school management system and others are finding the right software for their schools. 

A good school ERP system can add a lot of value to the schools by simplifying the processes and providing real time reports of the data which ultimately helps the teachers in saving their time and energy ultimately leading to better education for the students.

However, choosing the right school management system is difficult especially when you’re using it for the first time. But you’ve come to the right place because here we will answer top 10 questions about school ERP software to help you make the right decisions.

School ERP software

A school ERP software is designed to simplify the school’s day to day operations. It comes with a set of applications which helps in the end to end school management. This school software provided logins for teachers, parents, students, managers and principals of the school.


Top 10 Frequently asked questions about School ERP!

  • What is the School ERP system?

School ERP system is a one stop solution for all educational institutions such as schools, colleges and other education bodies. It ensures smooth functioning of the academic process and provides great learning experience. It comes up with a blend of ERP and LMS for ensuring smooth functioning of the school. It provides a one stop solution for all school types of requirements like attendance management, fee management, hostel management, transportation management, library management etc. Additionally, it gives separate login and access control to different types of users. 

  • How does a parent benefit from a School ERP system?

A School ERP system helps the parents be informed and connected to the school. The ERP software allows the school to be completely transparent with the parents and share each and every information to them through the mobile app. It allows faculties, students and parents to collaborate from any corner of the world. School ERP software also has integrated payment gateways wherein students and parents can directly submit their fees online, it also helps in adding the offline payment in the system so that the receipt can be generated. The ERP software immediately notifies the parents via messages and emails. 


  • Is school ERP software compatible for residential school, boarding school, playschool, colleges, universities etc?

Every school works differently and follows a different set of rules, regulations and processes. Any top school ERP software would be easily able to match up or match down to the requirements of the educational institutions be it a residential school, playschool, boarding school, college or university. This ERP software for schools is compatible with any school type big or small. While choosing the ERP software for your institute, make sure that it has all the important features that you will require apart from the basic ones. For example, for a boarding school, having hostel management is absolutely necessary. The right school ERP software will allow you to add such features to your actual package as an add-on.

  • How secure is my data on a school ERP software?

A lot of data flows in school and the privacy and security of data is utmost important for any school or educational institution. Therefore, it is necessary to opt for a school ERP software which provides 100% data security. Although we all know that managing data on pen and paper makes it more vulnerable to loss or theft as anyone is having access to these registers but if you manage it through a school erp software, it becomes more protected and people who are authorized to access only those will be able to access it. Hence, it is important for any school to invest in a secure and reliable school erp software for the safety of their data. 


  • How much does a school ERP software cost?

The cost of School ERP Software varies depending on various aspects like – total number of modules, student capacity, features & functionalities, implementation services, integrations etc. On an average, the price of school software in India falls in the range of 0 to 250 Rs Per Student Per Year.


  • How to select the best school ERP system?

The main factors to consider while choosing a school management software for your school are Easy integration, Data security, Customizable features & Long term support. You should also analyze your stakeholder’s needs and choose the system accordingly. 


  • What can the school’s top management expect from a school ERP?

School ERP systems are vital to educational institutions because they provide numerous benefits, the bulk of which originate from centralized data administration and accessibility. It helps with everything from application and class registration to comprehensive performance monitoring and finances.School administration needs to manage numerous activities on a daily basis. And a single error amounts a lot to the management so it is highly important to keep a track of each and everything happening in a school right from students taking admission to submitting their fees, allotting them the class and sections and handling their academics. This is why a school needs school management software to manage all their day to day activities effectively. 

Skolaro School ERP software is a comprehensive software to fulfill all the needs of a school or any other educational institution. It helps in simplifying and streamlining the chaotic and time consuming processes of a school and any other educational institution. From the centralized enquiry management system to capture & convert the enquiries better to rolling out the documentations of any student, it has all the features/modules which will help any school to run effectively. 

Skolaro has a user-friendly dashboard and easily accessible modules to navigate through. Skolaro can be accessed by teachers or other staff members who are not much tech savvy too as it is very simple to operate.



Skolaro which has an incredible set of customizable features to assist with your complex school management tasks and manage the complex processes. This software has existed in the market for more than a decade and is serving the renowned schools and other educational institutions in India and across 7 different countries. They have a user friendly interface and are designed to specifically simplify the day to day administrative & non administrative tasks of the schools. Staff can seamlessly manage all the administrative and academic activities from anywhere and the management can have complete control and transparency on all the functioning of the school. Skolaro can be accessed from anywhere using all the devices like PC, smartphones or tablets which enables teachers, parents, students and management to be in touch all times and to have effective communication.


  • What integrations does Skolaro offer?

Skolaro School ERP software offers a wide range of smart integrations to facilitate the end to end functioning of school management. These integrations include the following – 


Biometric & RFID Integrations – It helps teachers and students to enter their attendance directly with either their fingerprint or their RFID card. A school needs to procure RFID & Biometric machines and Skolaro will be easily able to integrate with these machines in order to provide a smooth flow of data in the ERP.  This removes the hassle of taking daily or lecture-wise attendance and gives more time for teaching and learning.


GPS Tracker Integrations – It gives accurate position of the school bus during transit to ensure student safety of the students. The school and parents have access to the live position of the school bus so that if it faces any mishap, both the stakeholders will be informed immediately. Or even when buses are running late, an immediate notification will be sent to the parents informing about the delay. From there, they can take due action to make sure that the students are safe and comfortable.


Payment Gateway Integrations – It allows parents/students to pay the fee from the software itself through various modes like UPI, online wallet, debit/credit card, net banking, or NEFT/RTGS. It reduces the hassle of going to the school premises to pay the school fees of their children.


Skolaro is also integrated with certain other softwares like Oracle, SAP and since the whole software is built by the in house team, it can integrate with any software or device which has its API keys available. 


Conclusion – 

Choosing the right school ERP software for your school is as important as parents choosing the right school for their children. In the end, it should be able to improve the quality of education for the students and boost your school financially. We have answered 10 most frequently asked questions on School ERP software, if you still have any other questions or if you want more clarity on how school ERP can benefit you educational institution, you can connect with us at – https://www.skolaro.com/contact-us