Providing school transportation to children is a privilege every school extends to parents. However, managing an entire fleet of buses (School owned and contractual) is a different ball game altogether. Agreed, technology at times can be overbearing but with the right user friendly, automated and integrated Transport Management Application, managing bus routes; pick up and drop stops; their timings;  route allocation; bus fees calculation; live location tracking; maintaining related documents etc, can make the operations effortless and efficient.

Skolaro has the most advanced cloud and hybrid model of school ERP with state-of-the-art-technology. A paperless comprehensive education software for automated and integrated solution resulting in a smooth and seamless functioning of any school/institution. Its Transport Management System is a logistic platform that enables the institute to manage and optimize the daily operations of its fleet. In addition to fleet management, the application supports defining of routes and its concise mapping with students, staff, fare calculation and tracking of the vehicle through web and mobile application.

Some of the Key Features of Skolaro’s Transport Management Application:

Configuring Routes-

Route allocation is a herculean task which is time consuming and requires utmost precision. Skolaro Transport Management Application can effectively plan and allot appropriate routes and vehicles or create new ones if required, thereby, saving time and fuel. 

Maintaining Driver/Conductor records-

The responsibility of bringing the children to school and dropping them safely back is that of the bus driver but maintaining proper records/documents of the driver and conductor is the responsibility of the school. Skolaro’s Transport Management Application has provision where you can safely keep the details like allotted vehicle number, Driver/conductor name, mobile number, license number along with issue and expiry dates, experience etc. and also upload the relevant documents into the system. 

Vehicle details-

Institute’s fleet details including its running and maintenance cost, purchase date and price, insurance details etc with supporting documents are available at a click of the mouse.

Communication and vehicle tracking-

It is natural for parents to keep security as one of the most important criteria while deciding upon the best school for their ward. Safety of the child when in school as well as while in transit cannot be ignored. The bus tracking system of the school transport software will track the movement of the school bus in real-time and notify the authorities in case of any deviation from the allotted route, over-speeding and unauthorised stops, thereby reducing the risk of any untoward incident. In case of delays due to unusually heavy traffic or otherwise en-route, the parents can be kept updated through an SMS. Vehicle tracking is configured as per the requirement of the organisation. While the school authorities can track all the vehicles 24×7 the parents can do so only till the stop that has been assigned to their ward.