Assessment is a process which has contributed to expectant impact on improving student learning. It asks for setting appropriate touchstones for learning quality, gathering, analyzing and interpreting information to check how public presentation accomplishes expected standards using resulting entropy to document, explain, and improve performance. The Academic Management System facilitates the documentation and demonstration of the contributions that each of the school’s academic programs and support services makes towards achieving the goals of the institution as a whole in terms of institutional effectiveness.

Skolaro-is a single web-based platform that allows students to accomplish the best possible results and provides the facility for schools so that they can progress effectively and manage the day- to- day operations hand-in-hand. It improves administrative workflows and keeps tracks of students across all stages of learning. When the system has a streamlined curriculum, unit plans and lesson plans; the collaboration and sharing of information to parents, teachers, and students bring every person associated on the same platform. The system caters to the requirements of different users for performing their assigned tasks. The system is user-friendly and can be accessed universally. The online capabilities of the system allow the students, teachers, and admin to publish and retrieve the information from their respective disciplines. Its innovative platform enables easy automation of individual student assessment and facilitates curriculum review. Our goal is to achieve strategic educational goals, convert marks in grades according to the board guidelines including CBSE, and also generate report cards as per CCE and other board guidelines. It facilitates complete students’ learning journey with perfect curriculum planning, lesson planning, compliance all streamlined across the whole system to help develop student outcomes and administrative workflows.

Academic Management Sysṭem Features:

Potent and effective administration: School admin can experience enhanced competence by using a single alliance to run various school processes like executing enrollments, billing, staffing, attendance, and assessments in an intelligent and automated environment.

Collaborative Support SystemThe associates who have a superlative impact on student’s education and development include admin, teachers, parents, and students themselves. All can collaboratively share day to day activities on a shared platform.

Incorporated teaching and learning: Curriculum management, unit plans, lesson plans, and compliance management are smooth across the organization to help students improve grades and also streamlines the administrative roadmaps.

Real-time reporting: Analytics can be used to track all the students across integral acquisition development to help gather the related information and set automated learning alerts/notifications to teachers, admin and organization heads so that they can engage their stakeholders wherever necessary.

Facilitate effective communication: Implementation of effective communication can be achieved through regular reporting, student profiling, direct messaging through the application, notifications, alerts, and activity management proficiency.

Manages processes and workflows: Simplifies corroboration process and reduces paper impressions and alters the management of school enfranchisement reporting.

Provides clarity and dashlets: School management system generates reports in real-time to view the most up-to-date information.

Academic Management System Benefits:

Cost Effective
Dynamic and User-Friendly
24*7 support
40+ modules to make your school a smart campus
Inter academic year comparison
Performance analysis of academic activities
Report card preparation
Result analysis and transcript generation
Information to the parents regarding the exam
Organizational planning and reporting
Online assessment plan creation and review
Mapping to goals and learning outcomes
Program level reporting and tracking of recommendations and improvements
Development of surveys and rubrics
Curriculum mapping