Skolaro is the One Stop Integrated Solution for all software needs for Schools, Colleges and Universities. This school management software has a worldwide adoption in more than 20,000+ educational institutes with more than a million users.

Skolaro best school management software is the only solution of its kind with 50 + inbuilt applications that includes an intelligent LMS, SIS and other administrative applications. Each and every module is completely con­figurable to meet the needs of all Schools, Colleges/Universities and supports every feature that may be required.

This school management software takes away the need for integrations and gives the user a seamless experience. As Skolaro is hosted in the most advanced Amazon cloud, it removes the requirement of server maintenance and all ­new features take minutes to roll out.

The modern interface removes any need of long training and adoption is as easy as breathing. As a single platform, the platform reduces the costs substantially into the IT budgets of all Schools, Colleges/Universities.

Below are some key features of skolaro school management software  –

Learning Management Software 

All of the applications relate to the classroom and the students

  • Collaboration
  • Student Attendance Management System
  • Assessment Application
  • Online Assignments
  • Result Generation
  • Course Management
  • File Lockers for faculty
  • Academic and Events Calendars
  • Notices and News Letters
  • Messaging Platform
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Mobile Application

School Management Software 

  • Registration and Enrolment Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Fee Management
  • Library Management
  • Transport Management
  • Events Management
  • Alumni Management
  • Admission Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Assessment Management
  • Hostel Management

All users of the school management software get a unique id and password to access only those applications they have rights to due to a strong Rights Management Engine.

Specialized Modules

Financial Budgeting

Inventory Management

Human Capital Management

Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic Dashboard

Payroll Management

Employee Leave Management

Schools, Colleges/Universities are free to hand pick applications they need from the complete school management software.

Please let us know which modules are of interest to you and we will be very happy to give you a detailed live demonstration of all features as well as a detailed technical write up of the same. We Enable a Green Campus.

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