Even in this era, educational institutes are wasting an enormous wealth on manpower and paper. The manual working has a lot of paperwork to be done which involves tremendous manpower along with brainstorming. The world is going paperless by sending important documents, receipts, etc electronically.



In this digitized world, instead of spending money on printing papers and wasting time. It is time to move to the automated systems where centralized data is maintained across the various schools. It improves the security of schools, teaching methods and reduces communication gap between students, teachers, and parents.

Skolaro is a cloud-based school attendance management system and admission management which deals with providing options for complete pipeline just from the beginning of shortlisting, interview scheduling and till end part of final student registration. It is well-known student entrance and registration process and is an obligatory part of any school. So, Skolaro is basically here for offering a new competitive edge for simplifying for the collection of data about each and every single student at the time of admission.

Why Should Educational Institutes go Paperless?

  • Skolaro is running a slogan “Go Green with Skolaro” that is being campaigned in every corner of the globe, to generate awareness about the importance of trees. Many are unaware of the fact that each year ,the world produces more than 300 million tons of paper and over 60% of the timber harvested worldwide each year is used for paper and its products. A database is maintained by an admin who has access to the data stored. Admin can manipulate (processing, retrieving, managing, editing, deleting, and searching) data according to the Institute requirements. Business reports are used to analyze a situation and apply business theories to produce a range of suggestions for improvement.You can generate e-reports on a single click of a button which is the authoritative asset for an educational institute.


  • Communication is the heart of human interaction and helps in building business. Parents are connected to schools via parental portals and mobile apps. Parents usually forget about fee last date, important updates, etc due to their busy schedule. Hence, email and SMS or direct notifications to parents keep them updated about their child which helps parents to take indispensable steps  to improve the overall development and studies. Also, reminder notification can be sent so that they don’t miss any important activity regarding school/child.


Best School ERP

When all data is kept in the centralized place, a user of any department can view, access, and update the data. Updating latest data across various levels become easier and duplicated entry is restricted as security and integrity is the main purpose of developing school management system. Digital system by school administration software keeps log of every user who has accessed the data or made any changes to it preserving the integrity of the system. Biggest part of the system is respecting data privacy and security for sensitive information in case of security breach. Software should be considered trustworthy by the users.