Revisions are great for a student but doing quizzes or tests are of greater help if they want to be prepared well. They are not continuing to grow in popularity for no reason. Instructional designers use them to drive employee engagement in digital training, marketers use them to collect new leads, and social media users use quizzes to entertain and interact with their followers. One reason or another, we look for a good online test maker at some point especially if you are a teacher, coaching institute or any other academic institute. 

The best thing is that now you don’t have to program or code to create effective tests or quizzes. There are a number of tools that can streamline this job.  So let’s find out what makes a good online test maker. 


Not only does a variety of questions help your brain become adaptable to the problem presented in front of you, it also engages the learner. If you’re only doing multiple choice questions, then you’re going to get bored at some point. How would you be prepared for, let’s say, a descriptive question? Make sure your test maker is able to provide unique ways of interacting with digital content like drag-and-drop or hotspot interactions. The tool should offer several question types like MCQs, fill in the blanks, true or false, hotspot questions, essay-type questions and more. You should be able to either throw in a mix of questions or choose just one question type to create a particular type of test.


A substantial amount of research has been done on this subject: Kluger and de Nisi in 1996 including 131 studies and over 12,000 participants in the classroom domain, Hattie and Timperley (2007), Hattie (2009) and Hattie and Zierer (2019), etc. They all indicate a high effect of feedback on student achievement in general. 

A wealth of recent research has also found that one of the key factors that make online learning effective is the ability to provide learners with instant feedback on their performance. With a good online test maker, you can also select the method by which learners receive feedback. An example would be an option to immediately get feedback upon completion of each question either after finishing the whole test or later. That way, the learners get an opportunity to immediately review what they got wrong and correct their understanding of the training material. 


A good online test maker lets you assign positive and negative point values to answers, set time limits, and randomize answer order and question selection. You can also customize the quiz/test to reflect the brand/organization’s style by adding suitable design, image, audio, video and animations. More importantly, the test should be adaptable to any device: computer, tablets or smartphones.


The online assessment feature collects tons of data regarding learners that can be used to generate detailed reports on their performance. You can analyze the results of an individual learner to track their training progress or you can assess their performance statistic for each item on the test. This will help you identify and improve your quiz/test that might be confusing to learners. 

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