The pandemic has touched every aspect of our lives including education. A canopy project to study and document the school innovations was undertaken to establish how schools are adapting to the changed times. If your school is using any smart school management system, it could be customised to meet the changing requirements. 

Social-emotional learning continues as the most important approach

With the changed times too, social-emotional learning (SEL) continues to be the most widely accepted approach of the schools than any other general approach. 

No practice dominates as central in all innovative schools

SEL remained core practice. Next came competency-based education. Although more than half of the schools participating in the project named the above as part their strategy but the data reveals that there was a large variation in school’s innovation models and no single set of practices could be termed as ‘innovative’. 

Hybrid models appeared most commonly as a learning modality during COVID

Most schools adopted a hybrid model of instruction. Quite a few still preferred remote learning models. Some have reported a fully in-person model. 

Schools are piloting a range of small-scale innovations during the pandemic

Some schools introduced short-term changes, especially for the pandemic. These practices are not part of the whole set-up like introducing mastery based learning, changing the staffing model, creating community outreach positions, introducing team team teaching and co-teaching. 

Source: eSchoolNews