Parents and families have a tremendous role to play in a child’s education and no school and teacher should ignore this resource. However, relationships with parents will be required to be built upon. 

You would not want to start your relationship with your parents on the wrong footing. It is very important for the parents to be involved in the child’s overall development. Many parents meet the teachers during the PTMs only and some fun ice-breaking activities like sharing their school pictures or memories etc. will help them get to know each other better.  

Use all possible communication channels like email, social media, phone, etc to keep the parents informed of the child’s progress, assignments are given, their assessment, feedback, weekly lesson plans, or even upcoming events. 

Parents are the best people to give you insight into your student. You can learn a lot from them by listening to what they are saying about their child. As children grow older parents are clueless as to how they can help and by then you will be better equipped to answer that question. 

When parents share a concern, suggest the right resources with contact details to help the child.

It would be nice if you explain in detail any instructional or any decision you take regarding the child. What you are doing and why. Take their input before making the final decision. 

After all, it is the partnership of parent and teacher that ensures a child’s success. Any good school management system or LMS for schools can integrate a very effective communication platform between teachers and parents.