The pandemic is far from over yet. We all still need to take full precautions. Some schools have started to reopen ensuring social distancing, having flexible, staggered and reduced timings for different classes. However, online learning will also continue side by side. Under the scenario, an integrated school system will streamline all the tasks of the school from a single platform like Administration, fee collection, attendance, library, admissions, assignments, assessments virtual classes etc,.

Integrated school system or the school management system is a more permanent solution.  It requires less manpower and hence the school can still continue to run efficiently with minimal staff. The system will also be a boon in integrating online-offline learnings strategies. It will keep in sync teachers, parents and students with each other. The authorities too can monitor the performance of every teacher and student through its Dynamic reports feature.  So investing in a good School Management System is no longer an option but is becoming a necessity. 

Source: Edtech Review