In our Post dated 13th September we had apprised you of some of the features of teachers’s portal in our LMS application. Today we update you on the parent’s portal


Teachers and school works towards a common goal….shaping your child!! It’s us as parents who at times are unable to balance between family life and workplace. The best way parents can help teachers is by being involved and being a supportive companion to your child. The PTMs are not the way to know about the progress of your ward these days as we understand that due to time constraints it may not be feasible to discuss in length about their progress and scope of improvement. Password protected Parents web and mobile portal  is the link where parents can keep themselves updated with the curriculum, assignments, assessments and grades, their attendance, assignments and their timely submissions, feedback from the teachers, school events, exam date sheet and fee payment etc.

 A Sneak peek into the features of the Parent’s Portal (Web and Mobile)

  • Know your ward’s attendance in school through our ‘Attendance application’.
  • Secure Fees payment gateway to pay the fee online
  • View any announcements/newsletters/circulars  posted by the school admin/teacher and avoid any communication gaps
  • Direct Messaging facility……a ‘hotline’ between the parents and the school authorities
  • Keep a tab of all the upcoming events much in advance with the ‘Calendar’ feature
  • Access the ‘Documents’ uploaded by the Admins/teachers/group moderators. What’s more, they are downloadable too
  • No assigned homework will escape your eyes
  • Know the day’s schedule of your child through the timetable feature
  • Go green….go paperless….applying for leave for your child is also now online
  • Keep a track of the school transport en-route through our transport tracking facility
  • Access the ‘Report Card’ as soon as it is published by the school

There is absolutely no doubt that this triangle of parents, teachers and students have a very vital role to play in education and communication is the key to it.  Research also reveals that children of those parents who are actively involved in their academics and extra-curricular activities generally study more and grow up to be balanced and successful individuals.