An automated educational institution along with good educators and infrastructure will keep it far ahead in the race.

A school Management software should comprise of user-friendly features like can send students assessment reports to parents, automatically record and calculate student attendance, a very effective LMS for schools (Learning Management System), easy information sharing and communication across all the branches of the institute, provide customized dynamic/real-time report, etc among others. A good School Management System is one that takes care of all the aspects of school/institution management with the least human intervention.

Features to look out for in any effective management software-

An advanced class management system will help enhance your reach to parents, teachers, students of all departments through messaging, email, chat, discussion forums, and social media platforms. It should streamline administrative and academic activities to save time and increase efficiency. All tools should be user-friendly and require minimal IT personnel dependency.

Access to Real-time or dynamic data of students’ & staff’s attendance, leaves, incident/disciplinary issues. Automated hassle-free online fee collection and can send reminders regarding the same through its various communication channels. All types of data should be available at the click of a button in graphical, pdf, etc formats to make quick decisions and enhance productivity.

Offers complete automated and integrated workflow reducing staff workload, helps in making the institute go green. Manages assignment and assessment of each student in real-time thereby helping in keeping track of a student’s performance. Most importantly it should have very effective data security features in place.

Source: Khabar Live, Hyderabad News