Fake news has become a matter of concern worldwide and social media is the platform which is instrumental in its spread. UAE students of International Baccalaureate schools will see ‘fake news’ becoming a part of their curriculum. They will be made aware on how to identify genuine and fake news stories along with the impact a fake news can have on one’s personal life. The subject will be application to all those who are enrolled in IB Diploma Programme and career-related programmes in UAE schools. The new course is called Digital Society which is an update of IB’s current ‘Information Technology in a Global Society’ course. Apart from other topics it shall include teaching the students the importance of ethical, social and cultural understanding of technology and media. They will be taught to think critically and engage critically with media in relation to what is published on the website and its URL and examine the reliability of the source.

Source: https://www.khaleejtimes.com/news/education/ib-schools-in-uae-to-teach-kids-how-to-spot-fake-news-12