Let’s go back to 2012 when Skolaro was born. But what is Skolaro? Skolaro is a school management software that was launched to provide an advanced and easy-to-use software system to schools, colleges and educational institutions. It lets you take all the major school activities online and helps in managing them efficiently.

Ever since the pandemic, it has become important to be well-equipped to manage everything online and offline. The COVID-19 situation is not as severe and things might be back to normal but that doesn’t mean we should not have a hybrid system. 

There are many options out there for schools if you’re looking for school management software. Our thousands of customers have chosen us after exploring these options. We are happy to share that Skolaro has proved to be the best school management software for them. 

How is Skolaro different from other school management software?

It is designed through modern technology solutions by working closely with hundreds of stakeholders from educational organizations. We have a team of 100+ young and passionate full-time professionals who are fully dedicated to the betterment of the platform and better customer experience. Their relentless efforts to innovate and bring the best of technology at a widely affordable price are putting them in a different league than others. 

You can find our dynamic system that supports self-configuration and detailed rights-based access, an additional advantage for the user. Our mobile-first approach allows all the stakeholders to use the app for better efficiency. 

Some important features you can find in this school management software

Overall, Skolaro has 50+ modules that give you all the tools that you will require to manage school activities effectively. Here, we share with you a list of some of the important features of school management software available under Skolaro and why it has been chosen by thousands of satisfied customers. 

Admission management software

Skolaro has automated admission management software whether the admission procedure through customized forms or cashless payment of fees. It comes with an integrated customer relationship management that covers admission forms/enquiries management. It is not only convenient for the staff but also for the parents who are a part of this process.

Academics management

If you’re looking to manage all the academic activities in an organized and effective manner, you can find it in Skolaro. Not only you can arrange the classrooms, live classes, timetable, material sharing, diary, etc., you can also plan lessons without any hassle. 

Exam management

With the exam planner and scheduler feature, you can organize modules for exam management and notify the students and parents about the same. If you want to share results and auto-generated report cards with students and their parents, you can do that with a custom layout. 

Resource management

Schools can easily manage human resources like staff details, attendance, leave applications, holidays and payrolls with Skolaro. It provides centralized rights to schools in which they can manage access to all the stakeholders including teachers, parents, administrative staff, librarians and others.

Data management

Managing data when you have tons and tons of it is one of the most difficult tasks if done offline. Manual labour is bound to be sprinkled with errors. That’s why the Skolaro school management system has integrated data management software with which you can manage records, files, classes, subjects, teachers, etc. as per your need.

 Increase enrollments

Integrate with your Facebook, Google campaigns to track where your lead came from. Can increase the success rate of your marketing campaigns and increase your enrollments.

Track daily progress and automate communication

Tasks and activities can help you to track what work happened on which enquiry on a daily basis. You can send automated emails to your follow-ups and can share the registration form as well.

Get reports in 5 mins

You can get any report you want to track any information about leads or activities in a matter of minutes. You can also set up these reports to be delivered automatically through email to anyone you want.