To address the issues of quality education, CBSE has asked the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) to design short term reasonably charged courses to train the Principals and teachers of private independent schools affiliated with them.  


CBSE is aiming at following learning outcomes from such training programs –

  • Preparation of pedagogical plans
  • Train teachers to track progress of students on learning goal/outcome and implement competency based education
  • Lead teachers in assessing and improving lesson plans and instructional designs by incorporating 21st Century skills
  • Collect and use data to oversee the organization and resources
  • Address interest and needs of staff, students and other stakeholders
  • Implement policies of various governing bodies and respond effectively to changes that impact the schools.
  • Model democratic value systems, Team Building, and Growth of traits
  • Motivate teachers for academic excellence and happiness
  • Suitably provide a safe and fulfilling environment
  • Manage innovations in schools through project planning, systems management, promoting ICT use.


Source: India Today