‘Pariksha’ time is here and so is our PM Mr Modi’s ‘Charcha’ over it!! Like every year, this year too Mr Modi addressed lakhs of students and teachers from all over the country in a live interactive session at Delhi’s Talkatora Indoor Stadium. He said that he as a PM gets to attend many types of programs and events but one that is closest to his heart is this- ’Pariksha pe Charcha’ because it is here that he gets the feel of how the youth of the country is thinking and what they want to do. 

Speaking today’s language he said that conversation with students will be #withoutFilter!! 

In an answer to a student’s question regarding how exams were a ‘mood-off’ he gave the example of Chandrayaan and how the scientists at ISRO and the entire country felt demotivated at its failure and overcame it. He said failures at times weakens us and a temporary setback does not mean that success has eluded you rather it means the best is yet to come

Stressing upon the “power of motivation and positive thinking”, he referred to 2001 India v/s Australia cricket Test match played in Kolkata. India was losing with two consecutive follow-ons. It was Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman’s wonderful partnership that turned the match around and India won the game. 

He urged the students to be confident in their own preparation and not to be under any pressure. He advised the parents that the way ahead lay in pursuing and not pressuring the children. They should inspire them so as to bring out their inner potential.

In his reply to a girl from Arunachal Pradesh regarding the importance of fundamental duties, he said that the importance of fundamental duties were as stated by Mahatma Gandhi. He also added that the today’s students will be playing a key role in India’s development in 2047 when we shall mark the hundred years of independence and he hoped that today’s generation took upon itself to act upon the fundamental duties enshrined in our constitution

Answering a question on the importance of technology, he said technology is not to be feared but treated as a friend. Mere knowledge is not enough. It is it’s application that is important. One should stay updated with the changing trends in technology. He also made his point when he insisted on having human interaction and not to always be on the phone and be distracted by technology. 

On the importance of extracurricular activities he opined that by not pursuing a co-curricular activity one tends to become a robot. It requires time management and hoped that youngsters make use of the vast opportunities available. 

Source: Financial Express, Jagran English, NDTV