Far from the madding world of deadlines and targets is your child’s student life. His ‘Golden Era’!!  Please don’t be quick to conclude that this blog is about student life. Have you ever given a thought to the complexity of back office operations of a school which gives your child his best ever memories?

Efficient school management is no child’s play. Before technology infiltrated the education system, the day to day functions of running a school were very tedious and required a lot of documentation. Cloud based single portal ‘School Management Software ERP’ also called ‘School ERP System’ makes the entire process of school administration absolutely hassle free and paperless.  With low maintenance costs and easy to customize and operate, school management software is a must have in today’s world.

school erp for schools

A brief insight into the software for schools –


Right from releasing the online admission forms to sorting of applications, from scheduling of interviews to wait list management, from online fee collection to allocation of classrooms are just a click of your mouse away.

Student Management

Attendance; assignments; report cards; record keeping….these are just a few of the things the software manages for the entire span the student is in school.

Staff Management

An end-to-end fully integrated HRMS can very effectively manage all tasks related to HR. Your staff attendance, leave records, payroll, class schedule etc. to name a few.

Library Management

The software accurately maintains an inventory of thousands of books, magazines and journals.  It manages the complete process right from issuing membership cards to maintaining record of book issue and return from students and staff including collection of fines, if any.


Transport is a facility given to the students by every school. Pick up and dropping of students is a huge responsibility.  The transport management system manages your entire transportation fleet. Its documentation, maintenance records, route allocation, fare calculations, driver/conductor details, GPS tracking of on route vehicle for added security etc.

Teacher, Student and Parent Portals

The importance of open communication between the three can never be undermined.

School Event Management

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. One can never know how much goes into organising the extra curriculum activities for the overall development of your ward. With school event management, scheduling; promoting and communicating of academic and non-academic activities are easily streamlined. Each staff member and student can go to their ‘calendar’ to keep themselves updated of same.


Managing your Finances

Finance is the backbone of any organization.  The School management software can very accurately oversee and govern your income, expenses and assets.


Integrated personalized bulk SMSes  and/or emails with fixed template is a very effective tool in today’s digital world. By doing so we not only are doing away with paper but also contributing in some way in preserving our environment.

Alumni Management

Alumni is every school’s pride and unsaid brand ambassador.  The school management software maintains a database of all your alumni for an effective communication and engagement.

Thus the schools can now focus on shaping the future of young minds and leave its administrative workload to ‘School Management Software’!!