Even though we have moved past the pandemic with some new changes, we still can’t deny that COVID-19 has forced education systems worldwide to find online alternatives. Ed-Tech has seen an unprecedented usage of online teaching and learning. As normal as things have gotten, news of outbreaks of some new variant does reach us. It wouldn’t be a surprise if we had to relive 2020 again so it only makes sense to be equipped with a hybrid system of learning and teaching. There are many ways an ERP can help your school succeed. You can even build an efficient fee management system.  A school management software empowers your school and here are three reasons why you should invest in it especially post COVID-19.


Whether it’s the admission process or employee data, their attendance status or controlled role-based access to student records, the school administration is well-equipped to organize everything. If you have enough experience as an educator, you must be aware that the strength of your administration is directly proportional to the school’s productivity, a good learning environment for students and a healthy, tension-free environment for staff. 

Education management software is a great tool for institutes because it helps them manage their student’s admission. When it comes to school admission, the institutes are already burdened with paperwork and whatnot. The school management software helps the staff to manage everything efficiently reducing manual labour. You don’t have to worry about information being lost because everything is online, easy to access and forever there. You can’t misplace it or lose it. It’s easier to prevent duplicate documents since there are fewer chances of human error. 


With school management software, parents can find themselves involved in their child’s academic and overall performance up close. They can have easy access to child’s grades, attendance, discipline and much more. Parents can closely monitor their child’s curricular and extracurricular performance and make informed decisions for their child’s future. 

This system directly connects teachers and parents, two pillars in a child’s learning foundation. Both parties get real-time insight into their wards. Parents have a busy schedule and sometimes it’s tricky for them to find time to attend parent-teacher meetings. The school management software is a great way for both teachers and parents to check their student’s progress and where they need help. The best thing is this information can be accessed anytime. 


This school management software allows parents, teachers and students to track academic and non-academic growth. Educators no longer have to spend time calculating advanced metrics since grades can now be produced automatically with the analytical report feature. 

Every other school wants a system that can help them manage exams better. Some schools prefer multiple choice patterns, while others prefer the essay type exam pattern. The school management software can easily accommodate all these requirements. It is always the school’s wish if they want to conduct the exam on the system or outside the system. Teachers can post the results over the platform so that everyone can access the results without any problem. Results can be easily accessed by students, parents and teachers.