Assessment is a process which has imparted great impact on improving student learning. It involves making our prospects explicit and public; setting appropriate standards for learning quality; gathering, analyzing and interpreting information to check how performance equates those expected standards; and using the resulting information to document, explain, and improve performance.The AMS system facilitates the documentation and demonstration of the contributions that each of the school’s academic programs and support services makes towards achieving the goals of the institution as a whole in terms of institutional effectiveness. Skolaro’s student academic management system can effectively automate & streamline your exam execution and makes the processes easier & paper free.

Why use Skolaro- Academic Management System:

  • Cost Effective
  • Dynamic and User-Friendly
  • 24*7 Support
  • 40+ modules to make your school a smart campus


Skolaro- Assessment adapts to a variety of examination patterns and support customized marking schemes and has streamlined examination and evaluation process by recording marks in various activities and assign optional subjects as per schools requirements. Skolaro- school academic management system offers the complete solution for the assessment of learning and continuous improvement on your campus. Its innovative platform enables easy automation of individual student assessment, facilitates curriculum review, streamlines campus-wide accreditation processes, helps to achieve your strategic educational goals, convert marks in grades according to the board guidelines including CBSE, and also generate report cards as per CCE and other board guidelines.


Examination module is designed to take care of any type of examination pattern, be it user defined IB, IGCSE, CBSE, ICSE, Gulf Board, Nigerian, Canadian, or any state/country boards etc. Student assessment management system enables the teacher to manage the profile of each student, master setup for different exams/schemes, generation of different exam patterns/schemes, conduction of term end/monthly exam, and maintain a record of each class conducted. AMS has a simplified mark entry format and user-defined creation structure. It has a well-defined evaluation scheme for entry and preparation of grade sheets. Assessment module does auto-generation of grades, ranks, report cards, percentage and percentile calculation. Submission of grades, segregation of students rank wise, comparative statement of different exams and continuous evaluation throughout the session can be done by faculty. To enhance the learning process feedback entry of student at the end of each subject is performed. For Performance analysis, the different type of result reports can be generated and graphical analysis of the performance can be measured.

System feature includes:

  • Inter academic year comparison
  • Performance analysis of academic activities
  • Report Card Preparation
  • Result analysis and transcript generation
  • Information to the parents regarding the exam
  • Organizational planning and reporting
  • Online assessment plan creation and review
  • Mapping to goals and learning outcomes
  • Program level reporting and tracking of recommendations and improvements
  • Development of surveys and rubrics
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Accreditation

student report card software

Digital Report Cards:

Student report card software by Skolaro is for organizing examination, performance analysis, and report cards. With this software, you can view and edit students’ grades/marks and produce beautiful report cards, honor rolls, and transcripts customized with the logo/watermarks of your school. The module can be easily tailored to fit the need of any school/college of any size and offers greater ease of use and more features.The CBSE assessments structure is maintained as per the CBSE pattern and the circulars are released time to time. Digital report card format is designed based on school requirements and can be generated through the system in seconds. Report cards are published on parent portal with download option which can be accessed through the web as well as the mobile app.