The fee freeze levied by the Dubai Government for the year 2018-19 has ended and the parents of children studying in private schools have started to receive fee hike circulars. The hike is as per current Education Cost Index (ECI) set by the Dubai Statistic Centre.

The parents are complaining that the increase is upsetting their budgets as there has been no salary rise but and they shall have no option but to pay the hiked fee. The Millennium School, a part of GEMS school has hiked the fee by 2.07% for academic year 2019-20. The school argues that they have spent a considerable amount in improving upon the infrastructure, health and safety standards in the school.

Per the KHDA’s new fee framework, ‘weaker-rated’ schools that show improvement can hike fees more than others. Initially ‘outstanding’ schools were allowed to increase tuition fee by double the ECI.

Source: Khaleej Times