In a bid to impart impactful education more and more schools, colleges, universities and academic institutions are turning towards AI to automate the routine tasks of teachers.  

Following are some of the areas where AI can contribute in the education system and revolutionize the learning process of the students of the next generation.

Freeing up Teacher’s Time

Mundane tasks like taking attendance, evaluating and grading tests and assignments, performing peer reviews eat up precious time of a teacher which they would rather spend teaching and coaching. AI will help eliminate these demanding tasks.

  • AI can curate tests for students per their aptitude and learning level in the classroom instead of teachers conjuring up questions. Teachers will then be able to give tests comfortably by using AI powered question bank.
  • AI can do the grading of the tests and assignments administered. It will highlight the commonly occurring patterns of errors and provide feedback to teachers. They can thus plan their lessons accordingly.
  • AI can maintain automated attendance logs, summarize the test scores of students and report performance of teachers

Curricula, Content Planning

With the varied AI powered techniques and applications, academia will be able to deliver a personalized curricula and lessons and also improve upon a students understanding and retention of the lesson.

  • Continuous tracking of teachers performance across different key metrics, the education system will be able to identify the areas in which the educator needs support and training. AI can help curate the coursework and thereby keeping the teacher updated and refined their craft.
  • Schools will be able to pinpoint more accurately the subjects a student has a natural inclination towards. AI can help map data of the alumni, their career achievements etc for educational research purposes. This is particularly helpful where students are not sure of how to put their talents to best use and channel it into making a career out of it.
  • AI can foster personalised training and skills roadmap to the students to augment their career path.

Optimizing Classroom Experience

AI powered applications in the classroom will drastically reduce the time spent in minding the students and reorienting classroom methods for better student engagement.

  • Tracking and retaining a student’s attention can be a herculean task for a teacher. By administering attention tracking devices teachers can effectively and easily monitor the attentiveness of the class and mind them before it is lost.
  • Teachers empowered with AI can come up with a more potent mix of teaching, testing and activities for a continuous better class performance and engagement.

Source: Telangana Today