One of the serious concerns that parents and school management face every now and then is the safety of their child. Schools are bound to provide good teaching staff, commodity, and quality education. Similarly, providing secure transport facility to students is also the biggest challenge for the management. Technology has served institute officials to reduce risk when routing children which is a crucial element of the school transport management system. Drivers are well-trained as they are educated in simulated environments so that they can perform their duties in a better way and the risks are minimized. A well-designed transport management system contributes to strategizing, planning and execution which helps to increase the efficiency of a business.

school transport management system

In past few years, educational field has greatly been influenced by Information Technology. Technology is also helping schools to establish safer routes for their bus fleets. Our transport management system is fully automated for managing routes for students traveling to school through buses on daily basis. It manages information about bus availability at the desired destination, a new request for transport at different destination, efficient and optimized route plans, bus routes and stops, student transport data, transport attendance, transport expenses, and integrating GPS tracking makes supervision of bus drivers easy reducing the risk of accidents, hazardous routes, crime against the students and serve the schools to provide an assurance to the parents concerning the safety of students.

Skolaro school bus routing software enables the admin to efficiently manage the transportation fleet owned by the schools, colleges, institutes etc. in terms of maintaining the vehicle details, vehicle documentation, and transportation staff details. The capability to deliver vehicle compliance related alerts facilitate the team complete compliance documents effectively. In addition to fleet management, the application supports in the definition of transportation routes, vehicle and route allocation to staff and students availing the transportation facility. It ensures the parents about the safety of their children. Also, it is handy for an admin to assign vehicles, routes, and drivers to students at different stops.

Skolaro school transport software make concise use of data related to transportation provided by the school with detailed information about the vehicle like repairs, servicing, insurance policy expiry and license renewals, vehicle student mapping, route fare mapping, maintenance and its expenses, drivers/conductor details etc. for better student security and manage the school time. It covers the entire transportation module for the tracking and maintains the transportation details. Effective school bus fleet management not only includes the supervision of bus drivers or vehicles to be tracked in real-time for over speeding or deviated route or an authorized stop but this greatly reduces the chance that school bus drivers will take unnecessary risk. Apart from safety and security of students, it also helps management to track the transport expenses.


  • Parent: Aware of the pick and drop stop, route, driver details, and vehicle details in which their child is traveling maintaining a direct and integrated communication channel school management.
  • Admin: Admin uploads all relevant vehicle, driver, and routes information in one go as per schools law.
  • Ready references to use in different student transport reports, lists and emergencies.


  • You can easily upload data for the route (pick-up and drop-off stations) with all transportation details
    School transportation software has the provision to instantly inform parents with SMS notification for any kind of change in the schedule of buses.
  • Reports related to insurance and maintenance charges charges are accurately maintained.
  • Easy to define one way or two charges for students.
  • Track the movement of vehicles.
  • Business intelligence and analytics.
  • Detailed view of each and every step of the transportation process.