COVID 19 has restricted our social interaction with each other. However, the need to do so has not diminished. Schools are responsible for overall development of a child. The academic part has been taken care of by online school management software. Now they must think of providing socialising opportunities through the extracurricular pursuits per the child’s interest in an online environment. It may not feel the same but this method can provide the much needed social outlet to students.

Virtual clubs facilitated by the teachers can provide that regular meeting platform to students to collaborate and interact with each based on mutual interests. Make clubs based on widely shared student interests. Keep different club meets on varying days so that students can participate in more than one. You may set a minimum attendance limit to consider the student as an active member. Those who are new to the club allow them to take their own time to familiarize themselves and feel comfortable before opening up and participating in its activities. Following can be some examples of active virtual clubs-

Art Club- Aspiring artists and students can share their creative ideas, interact, discuss, projects. Art tutorials can also be organised online.

Book Club- This is apt for reading enthusiasts. The benefits of this club are many. Apart from enjoying a healthy discussion, it also helps develop critical thinking, leadership qualities, speaking and analytical skills.

Debate Club- Through healthy debates students can scrutinize civic literacy, develop global awareness by critical, creative and innovative thinking.

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