People enjoy hosting class reunions and alumni gatherings because they celebrate fellow graduates’ achievements in life and provide a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends. 

Since this pandemic time, hosting a live alumni reunion won’t be possible, so how about using software to celebrate virtual alumni if you are in charge of organizing this once-in-a-lifetime event. It helps you connect with the teachers, students, and fellow classmates and make the entire occasion cheerful and memorable. 

Let’s start the preparation of your next alumni management. 

Begin with hosting live sessions with teachers and students, finalizing the time of the alumni reunion, awards to present, and who will do the anchoring. 

Organizing a school committee meeting gives you an idea of how to process the next steps for the reunion. It also assures you that the entire decision-making process is not placed solely on your shoulders.

Why use technology for your next alumni management?

A technology-based software with alumni groups of any educational organization can be used to keep in touch with former students and keep track of their personal and professional accomplishments.


There are numerous advantages. The system has a number of features and powerful tools that not only assist alumni organizations in managing their events throughout the year but also in promoting their activities and keeping track of their ex-students after they have completed such programs. 

Online alumni registrations:

Before hosting an event, the software has an integrated alumni registration system to meet the registration requirements. With the help of the application’s pre-built templates, associations may easily construct their registration forms. Once the form has been filled out with the necessary information and graphics, it may be submitted to the event website for public viewing at any time.

Online Payment Management:

For example, if your alumni event is a paid one, the software solution is connected with an online payment management system that you can use. SSL and PCI Compliance are among the highest levels of security certifications for the interface. The majority of platforms can accept payments made with major credit cards as well as alternative payment channels like Google Pay. Moreover, at the time of registration you can even make a donation to school funds, which later can be used for any student study, building construction or any other necessity of the school. 

Social Media Promotions:

The alumni association can expand the platform’s potential by hiring a social media manager. The person is given the task to circulate the information on social media channels that allows more people to connect. With sharing live updates about the reunion, chances can be you get in touch with a guest speaker. 

Email Messaging:

Online education software allows you to create an online registration form only at the beginning of the process. Make sure the social media manager is distributing the necessary information among all students in the association’s database. 

A free email message engine is included in the alumni management system and may be used to send out invitations, RSVPs, updates, and newsletters.

Activate the integrated waitlist manager that comes with this application platform. As a result, even if there are last-minute cancellations, the event will still be fully staffed. 

Building good relationships with alumni is essential for every educational institution’s advancement and future growth and success. Without two-way communication, it’s impossible to build strong partnerships. With alumni management software, you can harness the alumni voice while also simplifying daily alumni cultivation chores.