Often the management’s best intention to make teachers adopt technology goes in vain. All resources shared via emails remain unread and even if they were explored, teachers were uncertain about how to proceed. As a result even the best of school erp software remains underutilized.  If this is the case with you as well, then it is time to revisit your strategies adopted.

A Digital Learning Team (PLC) can be made of tech savvy teachers. The team could get together, perhaps once a week, to assess new ideas and techniques that would cater to teachers and students needs. You could ask teachers to fill a feedback form or conduct a survey to facilitate the DLT frame their work. The focus should be on helping teachers adapt to today’s circumstances and build student engagement in a manner that was easy for teachers to comprehend. The data collected will give you an insight onto which platforms teachers implemented most effectively and which ones to focus on.

You could assign one member of the DLT team to each department to provide training in how to use various tools. Mini-training sessions can be organised to cover specific topics like how to use whiteboard, how to use chat, how to give assignments etc.

Send a digital learning newsletter to each staff member which highlights a platform or a website. It could contain an overview, video tutorial and engagement techniques. You could organize and break the resources into smaller chunks in a user friendly app and keep updating the same on a regular basis. Arrange live interactive sessions with the experts through webinars where they can ask questions and share ideas. Share the recording with those who could not attend. Create a calendar of topics to be covered in advance so that they can plan accordingly.

Revising a teacher’s digital knowledge is very important to continue imparting quality education in today’s times.

Souce: Edutopia