2020 is the year which will remain etched in everyone’s memory. It was challenging as well as a promising year. Challenging because education suddenly had to go online and promising because there were sudden opportunities in the ed tech industry. According to Santiago Salazar, CEO of hackU, 2020 did not bring anything new rather it just accelerated the future of the digital world where people had to adapt to technology. A hurried integration of online classes had to be facilitated in the school management software to ensure education was not disrupted. Digital adaptation of education had to be done in all sectors and solutions provided for the entire population and not only for the tech savvy.

E-learning market is roughly valued at 36 trillion dollars and focuses on 80% of the non-digital population and due to the pandemic education sector will be expected to grow more. Companies will also be required to conduct special training for all types of audiences. The priority will be ensuring that all people possess and practice the necessary digital skills. Creative inventions in the edtech sector is expected to grow tremendously in the coming years.

Source: Entrepreneur India