The education sector of UAE has been constantly and rapidly evolving in the last four decades. There were times when classrooms were held in ramshackled sheds and homely villas and now UAE is world’s largest concentration of international curricula schools with sprawling campuses where students regularly fly out for international study trips. It has close to 100 accredited universities and institutions out of which eight currently rank amongst world’s top performing institutions. Literacy rates and technical-vocational training has seen a steady rise. More and more women are seeking to be educated.

Mid-1960s had less than 20 schools with collective enrollment of approximately 4000 mostly male students. In 1964 Abdullah Ahmad Al Ghurair opened the country’s first private co-ed rural school as he was of the opinion that education could transform any region. He also built four schools which were later handed over to the government to become state schools with one of them still ranked as top five state schools in Dubai.

Vision for the Future:

Education sector in UAE has progressed by leaps and bound due to philanthropic gestures from individuals and institutions, Governments policies and actions and continual commitment from stakeholders.

Holistic development of children, introduction of technology, better resources for teachers, coordination between schools and authorities, collaboration with MIT are some of the initiatives UAE is working towards.