Primarily a male dominated society, more and more women are taking up STEM in UAE.

Mariam Al Harmoodi, 20, Emirati, computer engineer student, New York University Abu Dhabi:

Inspired by her mother who was a chemist and moved on to managerial positions Mariam decided to take up STEM. Being the only woman taking up this course she did have her share of rough experiences and self-doubt. Thankfully her male professors were very supportive. She has shown the way to other women of UAE to dispel the myth that this field is for men only.

Shaima Abdulla Al Mubarak Al Jneibi, 22, Emirati, technology, Zayed University:

Fascinated with computers ever since she was six years old, Shaima’s sister taught her to use one. Her parents too were supportive of her choice of wanting to major in technology and would make sure to attend all her computer science competitions and award ceremonies.

Dr Deena Elsori, associate professor of biology, chair of Department of Applied Sciences and Mathematics at Abu Dhabi University:

The Abu Dhabi University regularly promotes science majors during their visits to high schools and pays special attention to female students. Once enrolled, selected female students are also given different scientific research p:ojects and are also encourages to apply for grants and publish their work so that they have a better career opportunities in the STEM area. Dr Deena Elsori is hopeful that women will be given more room to shine and grow in future.