CBSE is making every possible effort to avoid the question paper leak fiasco like last year. It conducted a successful pilot run of double encrypted question papers during the class X compartmental exams in July 2018. The question papers were mailed to the respective centers bearing center details for printing and distribution only 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the exam. This would have helped track the source in case of any leakage.

However, the board would be using this method only as a backup emergency option for 2019 exams. It would otherwise be conducting the exams via the usual hard copy question papers and the government would be delivering the papers to the examination centers following the conventional procedure.

As per a senior HRD official the double encrypted system is not likely to be adopted this year as many schools situated in remote areas do not have the required facilities and also if a large number of students are appearing from a particular center it may not be possible to print that many copies is just half an hour. However, there would be a second set of double encrypted papers as a backup.