Edtech these days has made personalized learning with laying emphasis in methodology and materials best suited to an individual but this has its own challenges. Whole class activity and lectures will become rare. Since each student will be at a different platform, the administrative burden will be high and assessments will become trickier. Nevertheless, once the systems are in place personalized teaching reduces behavior problems and the administrative burden too will be reduced.

CK12 has incredibly wide array of games, interactive and videos from which the teachers can find and match material suitable for the level of each child and allow him to further select the topic of study.

Hyperdoc aids the teachers to manage the workflow. She provides each student a document which serves as a ‘playlist’ for their learning activities for the day. She can modify the playlist too before allocating.

Source: https://www.thetechedvocate.org/how-to-engage-elementary-students-through-personalized-learning/