More and more institutions are realizing the value of technology to impart value education. Young generation is already tech savvy and can quickly work their way through any device. Having some learning management system in education will soon become a necessity by all institutes to enhance the quality of lessons delivered in the class.  

With proper controls technology can revolutionize learning. With multimedia students enjoy and learn faster. Teachers have more time to focus on behavioural development and foster emotional and life skills in students.

Schools are responsible for a balanced all-round development of the child. It plays an important part in instilling confidence, composure and emotional intelligence in them. While technology can take care of the conceptual part of learning, teachers will need to inculcate softer skills in their students. She will be there to further help clear any doubt which a child may have despite the digital learning. 

Technology can help instil social values too. Educational videos, to some extent, can encourage self-reflection and discussions among students and teachers on sensitive topics. The flip side is that the digital world is filled with potentially hazardous material. With the growing use of technology in schools, certain government policies help control sensitive content and popular social media sites have also started to incorporate stricter content and security measures to keep a check on unwarranted information. 

With the use of digital tools in a child’s learning process, schools can help create a generation which is in harmony with human values and virtual and real world. 

Source: India Today