LMS for schools or Learning Management Systems for schools is an application that is designed to administer, document, track and manage the delivery of educational courses and parents, school and teachers are its main constituents. Once you have your LMS integrated, it is important that you use all its features for optimal return to your investment.  

While choosing an LMS first ensure that it meets all your organization’s needs and is user friendly for everyone. Many times it is seen its users do not understand the implementation,usage and purpose of newer tools and thus fail to make the most of it. Proper and complete training/instructions as regards its usage become imperative. For example, if the LMS is cloud based and that everything can be accessed from their smartphones as well, one may happily embrace it.While building upon the training material, make sure the modules are quick to understand and use. Break up the training sessions into easy-to-learn chunks. Generally it is seen that if too much information is given in a single session, employees lose focus and the entire purpose of training will be defeated. Also make sure your e-learning content is accessible from various devices including all types of smartphones.  

Source: Tech Cabal