Just like the year gone by and the years to come, this is that time of the year when the children burn the midnight oil to prepare simultaneously for board exams and JEE. The the dilemma to whether concentrate on scoring well in Boards or JEE will never end as we know both are important. Referring to the best possible JEE prep material is a good idea but do not ignore your NCERT books.  They are the best study resource to master the basics for JEE. Many topics covered are common with JEE syllabus. 


Score more in Inorganic Chemistry

Many of the questions on p-block elements in JEE are taken from NCERT book. At times it has been seen that questions on inorganic reactions are directly taken from NCERT books. These books are also useful in revising the basics during preparation. 


Tackle numerical problems and more

No IIT aspirant can undermine the importance of mathematics and its understanding of basics in cracking the JEE exams. Problems from the NCERT Maths textbooks have also been given to solve in the JEE exam. Class 11 and 12 maths NCERT solutions are good for practising the basic knowledge of concepts of complex numbers and coordinate geometry. It has been seen that every year at least one question is given from the topics of Vectors, Mathematical Reasoning and Statistics based on the NCERT maths book. 


Learn the basics in Physics

No doubt that the JEE Physics can be difficult as compared to the ones in the NCERT books and you will need additional study material to prepare.  However, learning JEE topic like fluid mechanics, electromagnetism etc from NCERT books helps improving upon your JEE physics scores. NCERT solutions for Physics give you a basic understanding of how to logically solve the problem questions in the exam.


Recommended by JEE toppers

JEE toppers too every time recommend studying from NCERT books to crack the exam to strengthen the foundation of each subject. These books are very good for quick revision of basic concepts. 


Source: News 18