With the summer breaks starting the parents are finding new innovating camps to fill their ward’s calendar. Whether to send to such a camp or not is a very personal decision. Where one would want their child to take a break and the other may think of this as an opportunity to give children a learning experience beyond their school classroom. In fact, as per Antonius Raghubansie, Head India Teaching and Cultural Centers, British Council of India these camps are organised to impart knowledge in a fun and interactive manner without putting the child under any pressure. This brings forth better learning outcomes and creativity


These camps help prevent the children from falling into a slump. It does not follow a school routine but still provides structured growth to the child. The life skills provided in summer camps equip children to solve problems, make decisions, think critically, communicate ideas effectively and work well within teams and groups of students from various cities and backgrounds thereby also promoting peer-learning. They make children independent, self-confident and social.


Summer camp helps children discover new areas of interest and skills as the activities of a summer camp focuses on holistic development.

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