Done with the boards and the stress of results… the next big question  on most Delhi University aspirants’ minds is should they choose the college or pursue a course of their choice? Every argument in this debate makes sense and they is no clear winner or answer. What matters is what options you are talking about, what discipline is being considered, which colleges are being compared and what your personal choices are as far as your career is concerned.


College first or course….the importance of either cannot be undermined. While the college would give more exposure the course provides the knowledge of the profile you wish you adopt. According to Navneet Singh, CEO and Founder, AVSAR HR Services, a well established college with an elite background would provide more opportunities, resources and excellent faculty to the students and companies too are inclined to draw workforce out of these institutions.

Students who are not certain of their career path may give preference to the college.  Such students opting for certain courses like liberal arts and other humanities, commerce and science courses should give preference to the institution as it plays a big role in grooming one’s personality, says Srishti Mittal, Founder, Impactall, an educational app solutions provider


On the other hand, there are times when students have chosen college over course they have no love for becoming disoriented and do not know what to do after post graduation. Degree from an elite college is not a proxy for your abilities. College reputation may help get into the desired corporate but beyond that it is your skills that matter most.  Even if you are not in a top-league college you can still furbish your career with online courses provided you choose the right subjects, opines Jatin Chawla-Career counsellor.


Per Mr Chawla where a top college would provide a holistic growth in theory and practical, course would provide only theory. Recruiter will give weightage to the course and not college.

According to Mr Singh top college cut offs are as high as 100% and recruiters give high level of weightage to entry level students from reputed colleges as it is easy to filter students from good colleges.

Thus the debate continues!! College is eventually just a vehicle to fulfill your dream. Your real goal is to study the course of your choice which will lay the foundation of your career, summarises Mr Poddar.