2019 has been declared as the ‘Year of Tolerance’ in UAE. Select private schools will be pairing up with ‘twin’ Emirati school under this programme. Students from every paired school will visit each other to learn about their diverse nationalities and cultures. Expat students will familiarize themselves them Emirati culture and school life in state schools and vice versa.

Two of the GEMS schools will create a ‘Tolerance Garden’ which shall include plants and artefacts from the UAE and the countries from where their students belong to.

‘Tolerance’ will be taught to the children not inside the classroom from a book but through extra-curricular activities.

■ Student exchange programmes with other schools for children to learn about each other’s backgrounds
■ Invite inspiring guest speakers to talk to students about acts, values and champions of tolerance
■ Take students to nearby construction sites, to centres for people with special needs, and other venues so they can appreciate the diversity in their local community
■ Create a physical space dedicated to talk about and share stories of tolerance and pay tributes in writing and through artworks towards doers of tolerant acts
■ Involve teachers, parents, and principals to lead by example

Source: https://gulfnews.com/uae/education/private-public-schools-to-pair-up-for-year-of-tolerance-in-uae-1.61430429