Everything is turning online providing a lot of welfare to the users from almost all point of views. All the schools, colleges and organization heads are finding robust automated online library management system which is very beneficial for students and staff. An automated library management system plays a crucial role in educational institutions. Skolaro- School library management system offers an intuitive interface to manage the department wise and the central library facility in the Institute application.

Library Management System

An authentic web-based library management system provides a comprehensive solution for students, librarians, and staff members. It provides the important information about the books present in the library and reduces operational endangerments which give a lot of problems in the offline approach. It improves the learning experience for students at schools and enhances library efficiency by streamlining all the processes involved and reduces error that arises due to manual processing. It requires less maintenance after installation and is agile to enforce and setup.

The application allows the librarian to maintain and update the media stock in the library, defining the media type and languages, providing accession code to media, marking the media state, creation of library members along with issuing and return management of media from students and staff across all the departments – which includes late fine and media damage fines. Schools with a large number of students face issues when it comes to the infrastructure but online library management system has eradicated the need for same which is cost effective and increases efficiency and effectiveness at the same time.

It maintains data of all books that are present in the library and issued to students and staff. It is customized on a division of books like author name, media category, publisher details, etc as per institution requirements as it has user-friendly interface and real-time reporting. Barcode feature helps a librarian to track when the book was issued to the person and when it was returned, calculates fine, and keeps the record of items that are issued to a student, and staff. Reports can be generated on fine, book issued and returned etc details that are mandatory to run a library management smoothly. This system reaches an advanced level when SMS, Email, and Notification alerts are sent regarding the date of issue, date of return, exceeding days, and fine payment etc. Registered students can log in and check the status of the book whether it is available in the library or not. Further, they can check the date of issuance and return of the books issued, list of all books that have been issued till date, and all trade fairs related to books are also notified through the system. Moreover, to connect the whole operation students and teachers RFID Id cards, bar codes, etc can be integrated into the system.

Library Management Software

  • Store details for books, journals, and multimedia resources
  • Manage integration of departmental libraries and interlibrary transfers
  • Manage stock verification subscription management including issue, return, and reservations
  • Enable search and reservation of the resources online
  • Barcode generation and barcode scanner integration
  • Library card generation and management


  • Resource Optimization and Time Saving over copying and forwarding library records
  • Easier Borrowing and Record Management process for students as well as for the librarian
  • Anytime and anywhere access to records for teachers and librarian
  • A secure and safe central repository for ready reference for use in different administration and library reports.
  • Catalog creation and management


From the schools perspective, school library management software also called an integrated library system is the software that makes it possible for them to search the library’s catalog online, reserve items, renew items, check their due dates, and so forth. It is how we keep track of what items people have borrowed, what items are overdue/missing/lost/billed, what hold requests have been placed, and so forth. It’s the software we use to catalog new items and to track the receipt of serial items. It covers all the functions of the old-school card catalog through automation.