Payroll Management System is essential for schools and at the same time, it is very critical to handle same as small misapprehension can lead to financial balk and create a huge state of confusion. Manually linking payroll with attendance made it even more challenging due to human errors, time consumption, and data counterparts. Payroll functions can be automated using software to help the collection, organization, and storage of all information required for payroll calculations and report generations. School payroll management software is designed to organize all the tasks of employee payment and the filing of employee taxes.

School Payroll Management System

Skolaro- automated and reliable payroll management system makes the whole process error-free. The system is designed and developed to meet requirements of an HR expert and has definitely reduced the level of paperwork and inadequacies in payment methods and minimizes the time consuming administrative tasks. An automated system processes data and complex payroll operations efficiently which improves the productivity. This online technology calculates wages, manage deductions for employee benefits, settlement of tax, calculates annual holidays and provide regulatory reports to the tax agencies etc. It provides user-friendly, highly flexible and affordable management system as it can be integrated with different modules like Leave Management System, Attendance Management System, and HR Management System. It manages employee information efficiently, defines the compensations, deductions, leaves etc and generates payslips instantly. It is a secured platform that maintains a centralized database, which immensely simplifies the employee management and generates all the reports related to an employee, leaves, attendance, and payroll.

Payroll Administration Software

  • Managing employee personnel and payroll information.
  • Compliance with federal, state and local employment laws
  • Manage Employee Information, Employee Attendance, Employee Payroll with TDS, PF, ESI reports
  • Integrated with biometric machine
  • Manages performance records, appraisal, attendance, manpower recruitment, PF and IT deductions
  • Dedicated login credentials issued to each employee for accessing the “Self Service” portal and viewing relevant information


  • A common place for managing all Payroll activities of the school
  • Anywhere access to records for Faculty and School Administration
  • Teachers automatically alerted (via SMS & Email) about performance, benefits, and appraisals
  • Comprehensive Payroll Management through a powerful self-service section
  • It eliminates manual data entry and cost-saving product
  • Payroll module takes less time to generate salary

Once the fundamentals are in place, payroll can get reasonably perplexed. With overtime pay, various fringe profits and other variables, calculating payroll and filing the proper forms on time gets challenging. School payroll management system that aims to reconstitute and automate the method of paying the employees of a company, making the task of processing payroll less time-consuming and convenient. The standards set for goals is to generate files, deliver on time, performance and efficiency issues of the system. Our fully automated payroll software reduces the workload of administrators and ensures concealment while producing error-free information at maximum speed by working smartly and saves valued man-hours.