The CISCE has clarified its recently issued circular regarding the common question papers and a common timetable for classes 9 and 11 that will be sent to the schools by the board.  The uniform examination system will not be a board exam. The exam will be conducted and evaluated by the respective school. This will sensitize the students towards board like question paper. 

More than 10,000 parents had signed an online petition requesting the board to take back its decision as they felt that the move as it may put more stress on the students. 

The board is of the opinion that a uniform exam system will be to the students benefit. According to the CISCE, the subjects selected for setting the question papers are those in which candidates often tend to lose marks or fail during board examinations. Question paper for the rest of the subjects will continue to be set by the subject teacher of the school. Contrary to popular belief this exposure may actually reduce stress during the actual board exam

Sources: The Hindustan Times, Business Standard