A pre-eminent student Information system helps to manage complete journey of a student from inquiry and registration to graduation, alumni, and recruitment. A good software information system makes a student-friendly educational institute. Gone are the days when student records were maintained on excel sheets or any simple software tools. Now a days high-end technology software is in demand so that student record can be stored year-on-year basis and also record data of external entities like parents, communities, etc. Student information system should have a prominent flexibility, configurable, and should be customizable as per institution requirements. It should include support, inquiries, registration, fee, assessment, quizzes, groups, reports, program management and provide live, easy to use, substantiate information to the neutrals. The structured database gives an individual view of performance and a more effective way of managing educational institutions. SIS helps educational institutions to make the most challenging and important decisions in selection and implementation.

Student Information Management t System

Skolaro- Student information management system records and manages student admission data and use the same to make administrative and managerial decisions. It creates and manage a central database with student registration data and also assigns the course, class, batch number and section to newly admitted students. Group allotment is done based on qualification, stream, college, and experience. It handles student records from admission, performance, attendance, transport, health, library, and reports. Such intelligent systems maintain the records in a much smarter way and process information efficiently within the blink of an eye.

The Student Information System creates student profiles with custom categories and fields like enrollment, attendance, and share records with the administration. It enrolls students for academic courses, tracks the progress of the student, marks attendance online and sends notifications to the parents regarding same. It provides the home and guardian mailing address, primary and secondary addresses. Health record keeps a check and manages health and immunization records.

Complete database of student’s medical history is just one click away. Notifications can be sent to teachers, staff, parents, and students regarding every important activity associated with the school using robust communication system like SMS, Email, and Alerts. Assessments can be viewed by parents through parent portal and they always have a sigh of relief knowing the progress of their child on regular basis. Student preferred language, achievements, nationalism, etc records can be updated in other details.


  • Elective- Section Allocation
  • Student- General and Personal Information
  • Academic & Non-Academic Information
  • Achievements
  • Event Scheduling
  • Intra Curricular Activities
  • Cloud ERP
  • Contact Information
  • Health Record
  • Parent Details
  • Family Connections
  • Escort Details
  • Attendance
  • Grades and Transcript
  • Courses History
  • Transportation

Goals and Benefits:

  • Streamlined Information Management
  • A ready reference for use in different student activities, reports and emergencies
  • A secure and safe central repository
  • Source of information for other subsequent  modules like Fee, Exam, Library, and Communication
  • Intuitive user interface for web and mobile app
  • Improved communication between school management and parents
  • Manages the student and staff data efficiently
  • Cost-effective
  • Better organization of data
  • More automated administration
  • A quicker management process
  • Data security and Integrity

Skolaro is a web-based ERP software solution that streamlines and manage student information efficiently along with automating processes for the Stakeholders. It helps students, teachers, parents, and the school administrative staff to use school data in a more organized and structured manner. The student management system has established itself and is one of the most efficient tools in the education industry nowadays. Enhancing the efficiency of such tools will result in the revolutionary transformation of the educational institutions.