Per Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, Delhi government would soon have an education board of its own. This board will not replace CBSE but shall aid students in preparing for entrance exams like JEE and NEET.  The idea was conceptualised in 2015 but the government realised upon improving the infrastructure first. 

The curriculum of the board is likely to have separate grades for subjects for students in tune with what they want to pursue. For example, curriculum of science will be divided into four grades. Science for doctors and engineers, science for sportsperson and science for humanities. A student wanting to become a journalist can take A grade language with C grade science. 

It has been observed that the students are currently studying 10% of the curriculum for the entrance exam in schools and the rest in coaching institutes. The plan is to make this part of the board curriculum. Mr Sisodia has emphasised the need of having a separate board for Delhi in his book titled ‘Shiksha’ and after the examination fee hike by CBSE, the government may seriously consider it. 

Source: Hindustan Times