Managing the accounts and fees of any educational institute is something that demands time and plenty of efforts. Earlier, people used to manage everything manually and this process was not only time -consuming but also hectic. Hence, fee management system has acquired a lot of popularity nowadays.The fee management system in school institutes is the most indispensable. The allocation of the fee collection responsibility can be customized and the school admin has access to make the required changes. Our Fee Management Software is highly reliable and secure system. It is advised to rule in a smart system that reduces the burden of manual working and resulting in reasonably precise outcomes.

Skolaro Fee management software enables an Institute to set-up the critical fee management functions applicable to all the departments within the Institute. The module offers flexibility to set-up fee heads and fee structures as applicable to courses across all the departments in the Institute, scholarships, fee concessions etc.

Fee Management Software

Fee Management Software Advantages:

This fees collection software is specially designed to control the functions and calculations of fees. There is always a huge difference between manual and automated work. Automated work is less prone to errors when compared to manual one. Fee management software will result in accurate data and manages the account of every single student linked with the respective institute. When an outcome is error-free and time utilized is less, it increases the efficiency of an institute as efficiency is directly proportional to the accuracy of work done in a given extent of time.


Fee management software will not only subdue your effort but also is a wise way of supervising your school or college.

  • Fee management software is intuitive and user-friendly and supports our motive “Go Green with Skolaro”.
  • Invoice management can lower processing costs by about 60 percent. With smart invoicing, procedure alert admin about errors and prevent incorrect invoices from entering your work progress or back-end system.
  • As this is a cloud-based system, so it allows synchronization of all real-time data and notifies parents about transactions made and provide then receipts of the same.
  • Online payment facility makes fee remissions more agile from the website and mobile devices using secure payment gateways to provide students and parents with hassle-free processing and automatic generation of fee receipts.
  • Fee management software allows you to customize fee structure based on your unparalleled requirements like different fee heads with the ability to set concessions and late fees. Transparency in the system helps in establishing trust among clients.

Smart Fee management software is still extending its support in the education industry. Managing the fees of heaps of students is doubtlessly one of the most feverish and time -consuming thing to do. But fees management software has definitely leveled the trials to zero and the people who are using it on a regular basis can guarantee for inexhaustible profits they have attained.