CBSE has taken the admission process in class 9 and 11 directly into its hands from the academic year 2020. The schools will no longer enjoy autonomy in this matter. Students who wish to change schools in class 9 and 11 will now have to substantiate reasons for it. 

  • In case of changing school for ‘better education’, the students/parents will have to give a record of the past 5 years of the previous and the new school they wish to seek admission. Students from unaffiliated schools will not be allowed admission in these classes
  • If the student is seeking change in school due to a change in the business of parents, then the old and new business address and bank records will have to CBSE as validation. 
  • A copy of attested appointment letter by the organisation/establishment will be required in case of change of parent(s) job  
  • If the student would be residing with a relative in the new city then identity proof of relative and their details will be needed

As expected, the move has not gone down well with the parents. Per them, it is difficult to obtain a transfer certificate from the school; obtaining details regarding their results for the past five years will be near impossible and will only make them run from pillar to post. As regards shift in job, giving offer letter and other details would mean sharing a very personal data and what if the student wants to change school because of issue with a teacher(s). 

The school will be required to send all requests for admission in class 9 and 11 together at one time to CBSE thereby enforcing a deadline for schools to accept applications. The school, on the other hand, is of the opinion that it is the prerogative of the child and his parents to decide where they wish to take admission. Such a mandate from the board will also add to the workload of the institute. 

Source: The Indian Express