KHDA has recently given licence to Dwight Online School making it the first virtual ‘campus on cloud’ for UAE students. It is useful for students who are wanting to pursue either a few subjects or full school years online. This is in tune with KHDA’s Rahal project which offers children alternative and disruptive ways of learning. This virtual school has 180 students from grades 7-12 enrolled from all over the world. Students from UAE will be able to interact with them and international teachers. Physical Dwight School has about 200 students enrolled with it and there are some students who take few courses online and remaining at the physical school.

The virtual schooling is especially beneficial for those students who are professional in sports, arts etc due to which they are not able to physically come to school for long periods. Apart from Dwight, The Indian High School in Dubai too have students that miss out on their academics due to tournaments etc. They also have a personalized learning solutions in which the students attend classes only for 3.5 days a week and spend the additional time honing their talents.