Recently, yet another little one lost his life and two students were injured when their overloaded school van collided with a speeding auto-rickshaw. As per a study conducted by the Delhi Parents Association on transport facilities of over 150 schools, 60% of the children who use private vehicles risk their lives while commuting to school everyday. Despite all the guidelines in place private vehicles continue to flout them. While the school authorities blame the parents for opting for private vehicles to save time and money the parents put the onus on schools for keeping the bus charges extremely high and on the police who let go of the errant drivers.

AS per the norm, a 12 seater cab has to provide a full seat to a child of 10 years or older. Understanding the seriousness of the situation, the transport department alongwith the Delhi Traffic Police will come down heavily on illegally plying school cab-drivers. Soon private cab drivers will be able to legalise their vehicle and obtain permit. Limit to seating capacity will also be implemented.