As per Dr Abdulla Al Karam, director-general of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) the future learning in Dubai students will not have to take any exams rather they would work together to solve the problems of the world. Open and collaborative spaces will replace classrooms and bring students of different ages and abilities to work together. 

There will be more teachers powered by artificial intelligence (AI). They will be available 24 x 365 days but educators need not worry as no machine will ever replace the heart of a teacher. AI will take over the administrative work of a teacher. It will set the lesson for the students per their pace and ability. The human interface will read the facial expressions of the children to see whether they have understood the concept or not. 

Future classroom in a nutshell –

  • Collaborative open spaces instead of classrooms
  • Collaboration between students of different age groups
  • Students working together to solve real world problems
  • Technology to take over the administrative work of teachers
  • AI teachers to work 24×7 x 365 days
  • Bots to read the expressions of the students to gauge their level of understanding

Source: Khaleej Times