Gamification is the new buzz in edtech and many still draw a blank on it. Gamification is a technique to make learning in general more compelling and engaging.

Below are some of the common questions that many would have regarding gamification.

What is gamification?

Gamification is the process of adding game mechanics/elements like leaderboards, point-scoring and rewards to either a website, enterprise application, online community to motivate participation 


Is gamification only applicable to learning?

No it is not. Many organisations are using it to engage, teach, reward, improve performance and retain employees. They are also using it to deal with HR related problems and recruitment


How does gamification differ from game-based learning?

When games are used to enhance the learning experience it is called game based learning. Content is learned when presented in the form of a game. It can teach a specific skill and/or achieve a certain learning outcome. 

Gamification adds game elements to a nongame situation. For example a corporate reward program for customers with certain behavior. In a classroom gamification can encourage students to create a character and play as part of a team thereby earning points/rewards based on their behavior and interaction. Teachers generally use badges, experience points, levels and leaderboards to boost student engagement. 


 Do games facilitate learning?

Yes it can improve a learners motivation and engagement. A well designed  game can be a very effective teacher and make learning better. 


What are the elements of a well-designed learning game?

A well designed game focuses on enhancing learning and not the activity. It is simple to play and understand and learning happens as a natural outcome of playing the game. 


What are the guidelines for using game elements?

Compete, collaborate, explore and express is the framework developed by game designer May Jo Kim as a starting point for strategically thinking as to what would motivate a player. 


Are there any frameworks or taxonomies that we can use to understand game design in the learning context?

Gamification framework has been developed by Yu-kai Chou to analyze and build strategies around the various systems to add a fun element to the game. He is also known as one of the earliest pioneers in gamification.  

Source: The Tech Edvocate